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*902000* Plain Rib 1x1 / interlock knit fabric for neck line, waist, cuffs etc
Price RM11.00 - RM14.00
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Cotton interlock Rib fabric 1x1, usually thicker than normal knit fabrics. Rib fabric is perfect for neck line, waistbands and cuffs etc. It comes as flat piece or tubular shape. Price stated is for half meter, if you need 1 meter, please put quantity as 2, we will cut as continious piece. Fix size is usually one piece unless stated.

~~Best Buy~~

Type 01: Cotton rib 1x1,fabric width about 160cm, 605g/m, Half Meter = Rm14.00

Chocolate Brown

Type 03Cotton Rib 1x1, fabric width about 156cm, 305g/m, Half Meter Rm12.00

Bright Orange - actual color is bright orange
Type 25LCotton interlock, fabric width about 130cm, 400g/m, Half Meter Rm13.00

Dark Green
Type 35Cotton interlock, fabric width about 140cm, 370g/m, Half Meter Rm13.00


Type 37LCotton interlock, fabric width about 120cm, 330g/m, Half Meter Rm12.00

Type 02Cotton rib 1x1 fabric width about 170cm, 450g/m,Half Meter Rm13.00

Light Khaki Brown
Type 43: Cotton Interlock, baby soft, width about 170cm, 450g/m, Half Meter = Rm13.00


Type 08: Cotton Interlock, width about 160cm, 430g/m, Half Meter = Rm13.00

Royal Blue
Type 07: Cotton Interlock,width about 160cm, 390g/m, Half Meter = Rm13.00

Dark Melange Grey

Type 09:Cotton Interlock,width about 170cm, 395g/m, Half Meter = Rm13.00

Brick Red

Type 10: Cotton Interlock,width about 150cm, 380g/m, Half Meter = Rm13.00


Type 06: Cotton Rib 1x1,width about 170cm, 475g/m, Half Meter = Rm13.00


Type 05: Cotton Rib 1x1,width about 190cm, 485g/m, Half Meter = Rm13.00


Type 11: Cotton Rib 1x1,width about 140cm, 395g/m, Half Meter = Rm13.00


Type 45: Cotton Rib 1x1,width about 150cm, 455g/m, Half Meter = Rm13.00


Type 47: Cotton Interlock,width about 190cm, 450g/m, Half Meter = Rm13.00


Type 48: Cotton Interlock,width about 160cm, 450g/m, Half Meter = Rm13.00

Maroon Red
Type 44: Cotton Interlock,width about 90cm, 185g/m, Half Meter = Rm11.00

Ocean Blue 

Type 40: Cotton Rib 1x1,width about 190cm, 475g/m, Half Meter = Rm13.00