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Cotton blend linen fabrics in this album are all odd size or balance fabric. Usually left just one piece per size unless specified.

Slightly softer type.
Type 05: 110x45cm = Rm16 Rm14 

Type 08: 140x45cm = Rm12 Rm14 

Type 10: 140x90cm = Rm34 Rm32

Type 11: 68x45cm = Rm10 Rm9
Type 14: 36x45cm = Rm18 Rm17

Type 12: 110x45cm = Rm14 Rm12

Type 22: 150x61cm = Rm16 Rm14


Unbleached linen, rougher surface.
Type 38: 150x120cm (1.2m) = Rm32 Rm25

Unbleached cotton linen, slightly more yellow
Type 41: 62x57cm = Rm7 Rm5

Slightly thinner type.
Type 34: 140x45cm = Rm13 Rm12
Type 35: 140x82cm = Rm23 Rm21
Type 36: 140x71cm = Rm20 Rm18


Printed cotton linen, thinner type
Type 38: 110x45cm = Rm16 Rm14 (2pcs)