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*903888* Lycra Knit: CL Plain Cotton Lycra
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Coton Lycra, retch all sides. Great for bodywear, legging, headband, fashion, etc

01: fabric width 160-170cm,  350g/m
02: fabric width about 180cm, 290g/m
05: fabric width about 160cm, 320 g/m
75: fabric width about 170cm, 330g/m.
78: fabric width about 180cm, 320g/m.
77: fabric width about 180cm, 350g/m.
41: fabric width about 170cm, 320g/m.
26: fabric width about 170cm,405g/m.
51: fabric width about 170cm, 290g/m.
79: fabric width about 170cm, 245g/m.
62: fabric width about 170cm, 300g/m.
80: fabric width about 160cm, 260g/m.
34: fabric width about 160cm, 280g/m.
05: fabric width about 150cm,280g/m
25: fabric width about 160cm , 310g/m 
70: fabric width about 170cm , 340g/m.
61: fabric width about 160cm ,290g/m .
72: fabric width about 170cm , 310g/m
67: fabric width about 160cm, 385g/m 
69: fabric width about 160cm, 335g/m 
13: fabric width about 160cm, 240g/m
71: fabric width about 170cm , 310g/m 
65: fabric width about 160cm, 355g/m
64: fabric width about 180cm, 400g/m
68: fabric width about 180cm, 330g/m 
54: fabric width about 170cm, 310 g/m
74: fabric width about 160cm, 360 g/m 
75: fabric width about 170cm, 370 g/m 
07: fabric width about 180cm, 325 g/m