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*B00390~*Fabric Covered Button Casing
Price RM3.00
Product SKU B00390
Availability 60
Button size/type No Stock

Fabric Covered Button Case. Available in many shapes and  sizes.
RM3.00 per pack.

Type 01: Curve Flat Base 2.5cm (10sets)
Type 02: Curve Flat Base 3.5cm (12sets)
Type 07: Curve Flat Base 2.0cm (10sets)
Type 08: Curve Flat Base 1.5cm (10sets)
Type 20: Curve Flat Base 2.8cm (10 sets)

Type10: Curve Button Base 3.5cm (8 sets)
Type14: Curve Button Base 2.5cm (10sets)
Type15: Curve Button Base 2.7cm (10sets)
Type18: Curve Button Base 1.5cm (10sets)
Type19: Curve Button Base 1.0cm (10sets)

Type09: Mushroom Flat Base 3.5cm (10sets)
Type11: Mushroom Flat Base 2.0cm (10sets)
Type12: Mushroom Flat Base 1.0cm (12sets)
Type16: Mushroom Flat Base 1.5cm (12sets)

Type13: Mushroom Button Base 1.0cm (12sets)
Type17: Mushroom Button Base 2.0cm (10sets)

Type03: Square Flat Base 1.0cm (10sets)

Type04: Love flat base 2.0cm (12sets)

Type05: Mickey Flat Base 3.0cm (12sets)

Type06: Flower flat base 3.0cm (12sets)



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