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*702002~* 10M BINDING TAPE RIB 1X1 For Neck Line, Sleeve Line, Cuff, etc
Price RM8.50
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Cotton rib stripes fabric 1x1. Rib fabric is perfect for neck line, waistbands and cuffs etc. May contrain join lines.
10 meters = Rm8.50

Type 02: Baby Pink - width about 3.5cm

Type 03: Magenta Purple- width about 4.0cm

Type 04: Green - width about 4.0cm

Type 08: Yellow - width about 4.5cm

Type 11: Fuchsia Pink - width about 3.5cm

Type 12: Sprint Green - width about 3.5cm

Type 13: Black - width about 4.2cm (Cotton Spandex)

Type 14: Red- width about 4.0cm

Type 15: Dark Olive - width about 4.0cm

Type 16: Dark Grey - width about 4.5cm

Type 18: Soft Purple -width about 3.5cm

Type 20: Pink-wisth about 3.5cm

Type 21: Dark Red-width about 4.0cm

Type 22: Purple - widht about 4.0cm

Type 24: Light Melange Grey - width about 3.5cm

Type 25: Melange Grey - width about 4.0cm