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Zigzag Scissor Round Half Circle Triangle Tooth For Fabric Sewing Pinking Shears (60397)
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Zigzag Scissor suitable for cutting fabric, leather, plastic, paper, Craft Uses. Ideal Craft Shears for Professional and Domestic Use. These scissor are certainly an essential for your sewing box when you are looking to cut your fabric pieces to the perfect size or shape. The sharp blades are saw-toothed instead of straight leaving a zigzag pattern as you cut ensuring your fabric does not fray. These scissor are ideal for dressmaking and crafts when working with fabrics and materials. They offer comfortable grip, and are durable, making for a long lasting tool.

✅ Type : Triangle Tooth & Half Circle Tooth

✅ Price : For 1 Pc


-Incase not enough stock, we will contact and discuss as we sell on other platforms and physical shop, sometime stock stated may not be accurate. Alternatively, you may chat with us for stock confirmation.

✅ Jenis : Gigi Segitiga & Gigi Separuh Bulat

✅ Harga : Untuk 1 Pc


-Jika stok tak cukup, kami akan chat balik untuk ganti/tukar kerana kami ada jual di platform lain dan kedai, kadang2 stok mungkin tak tepat. Ataupon boleh chat dengan kami untuk pastikan stok.

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