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RM38.00 - RM68.00
Plastic Snap Resin T5 Button and Plier Combo Pack Starter Set 1.5cm
Price RM38.00 - RM68.00
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Availability 30
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Plastic resin snap buttons and plier hand presser tool. Hand presser tool is suitable for button size T3 (1cm), T5 (1.5cm) and T8 (1.4cm). This combo set come with button size T5 (1.5cm)

Type 1 = Rm38.00 (T5 50 button sets-5 random colours + plier)
Type 2 = Rm52.00 (T5 150 button sets-15 random colours + plier)
Type 3 = Rm68.00 (T5 360 button sets-24 random colours + plier + storage)

-Color may have slight different due to lighting and devices factor.
-Warna mungkin berbeza atas faktor pencahayaan dan alat electronic.

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